You Matter Berry Much - Inspirational Hand Soap

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Perfect inspirational gift to yourself or a friend. Treat your hands to a refreshing berry parfait of perfection with this amazing liquid hand soap!  You'll not only have berry soft and clean hands, but you'll also be amazed by the outstanding one of a kind scent featuring six mouthwatering scents -- get ready for the fruitsplosion: Fizzy blackberry, refreshing strawberry, smooth mango, juicy peach, and luscious lime! Set this soap by your bathroom or kitchen sink. 


  • One 8 oz bottle w/pump
  • Cleanses skin while keeping you smelling great! 
  • Professionally printed waterproof label - Made to be refilled! 
  • Made in small batches — better quality!
  1. Use 1 pump to wash hands under warm running water. 
  2. Enjoy all the amazing scent and clean feeling! 
Purified water, Organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, Glycerine, oleic acid (Moisturizing agent), natural fragrance oil.

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