You Can Do Hard Things - Inspirational Hand Soap

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Remind yourself or a loved one that YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS each time you wash your hands or see this by your sink. Treat your hands to calming Lavender with this amazing organic liquid hand soap! Made with Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil (The best therapeutic stuff) and organic/natural oils. This is the BEST it gets for liquid hand soap! Cleanse and moisturize all at once. 


  • One 8 oz bottle w/pump
  • Cleanses skin while keeping you smelling great! 
  • Professionally printed waterproof label - Made to be refilled! 
  • Made in small batches — better quality!
  1. Use 1 pump to wash hands under warm running water. 
  2. Enjoy all the amazing scent and clean feeling! 
Purified water, Organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, Glycerine, oleic acid (Moisturizing agent), natural fragrance oil.

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