Rainbow Bath Bomb - Over the Rainbow Cloud

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Has your bath water ever looked more magical? This is the ultimate bath experience — simply place your bath bomb in still water and watch the rainbow colors “ shoot” out of the cloud. It’s pretty. It’s fun. It’s how a unicorn would bathe. That’s what we hear. :) 

Scent- Pear, Peach, Sparkling grapes, mango. 



  • Floats and gives off Rainbow of color! 
  • Skin-loving ingredients
  • Large size - 4oz
  • Smells like a fruity rainbow
  • Comes shrink wrapped to protect and keep it fresh
  • Made in small batches — better quality! 
    1. Drop into bathtub full of water
    2. Sink into the pretty foam 
    3. Take in all the oils, scents and colors
    4. Relax (an “Aaaah” is totally acceptable here) 

Sodium bicarbonate, Epsom salt, citric acid, avocado oil, polysorbate 80, Kaolin clay, SLSA, Paraben-free skin safe Fragrance, FDA approved colors. 

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