Make your home your happy place.

Imagine unleashing rainbows and unicorns with your lotion, or breathing in a sugary pop-rock rush of childhood memories as you soak in the tub. That state of delight is what I wish for you.

Certain scents transport us to special places we’ve been and people we hold dear. I created Leebrick to capture the cherished scents of childhood and infuse them with a modern twist for grown-up girlhood. With them, you transform your bathroom into a sanctuary, your beauty routine into an indulgence, and an everyday moment into a forever memory. What could be more delightful?  

Leebrick is a family venture. My youngest child has PURA Syndrome, and she’s nonverbal. Because of this, I have been creative in developing ways for us to interact. The scents I create elicit her most adorable grins, which in turn make me smile. I am dedicated to crafting bath and body products with scents that not only bring smiles to my family’s faces, but also to yours.

To do so, all Leebrick products are created with love and crafted for your happiness. I use the finest fragrance oils and never any harsh chemicals. All my bath bombs, sugar scrubs, lotions, and other products are handcrafted in small batches and made fresh daily. What I wish is for them to kindle moments of glee and girlish delight for you.

Live well and smile often,

Leebrick Bath Bombs

Meet the team


Founder and Chief Creator                                         

Alicia Making Over the Rainbow Soap

Responsibilities include sourcing quality ingredients, blending scents, and crafting new products; marketing, taking pictures, and heading up customer service.

Passions and other pursuits: boating, biking, and hiking





Chief Fixer and Organizer

Responsibilities include any and all repairs, unloading heavy ingredients, and keeping everything organized.

Passions and other pursuits: fixing cars as an ASE master-certified auto technician, fishing, taking his daughters to the movies




Annaliyah, age 8
Chief Quality Assurance Officer, Sales Officer
Responsibilities include making sure everything is perfect and packaged beautifully, traveling to craft shows and charming customers, and contributing new product ideas.

Passions and pursuits: painting, crafts, reading, playing with her sister, exploring the outdoors

Adalyn, age 4
Chief Scent Inspector
Responsibilities include approving all Leebrick scents and bestowing upon them her adorable, dimpled grin of quality assurance; testing the whipped soap and lotion with 100 hand-washings per day.

Passions and pursuits: puzzles, swimming, and picnics with her sister   



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