5 Benefits of African Shea Butter

Hello, lovelies!

Are you tired of dry, cracked, sunburnt skin? Or are you looking for a way to reduce the appearance of pregnancy-related stretch marks? Boy, do I have something for you!
Introducing African Shea Butter!

Did you know that African Shea Butter is the leading moisturizer in the world? Seriously, studies exist which prove that Shea butter is not only great for regular skin but also those suffering from sensitive skin conditions.

Here are the top five benefits of African Shea Butter you should know today:


1.  Great for healing skin conditions

Eczema, dermatitis, and itching skin are just some of the conditions that African Shea Butter can help with. The cream boasts a rich mixture of essential vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Both vitamins are antioxidants, with Vitamin A needed to prevent getting dry, itchy skin. Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties and can absorb UV rays which are notorious for causing wrinkles and skin cancer.

2.  The ideal moisturizer in cold climates

Avoid that dry, stiff look and feel of skin by using a recommended Shea butter moisturizer. For those living in cold climates, moisturizing regularly is of paramount importance if you wish to enjoy smooth and supple skin. This is where premium African Shea Butter moisturizers come in useful.

3.  Promotes a healthy skin appearance

Healthy skin looks smooth. It doesn’t appear dry or flaky. It is not moist or wrinkled. Regular use of products enriched with African Shea Butter will get you these desired results. We’ll throw in that you should always purchase your butter from trusted sources like Leebrick whose products bear the Seal of the American Shea Butter Institute.

4.  Reduces muscle fatigue and aches

Not only is African Shea Butter great for the skin but it even has an effect on muscles! If you’re going to indulge in some strenuous exercise, it can be rubbed over muscles prior to exercise and post-exercise too. The butter also works wonders if you’ve been stung by insects too.

5.  Boasts incredible anti-aging properties

Shea butter has incredible anti-aging properties. Thanks to the essential fatty acids and vitamin content which are needed for skin suppleness and elasticity, products rich in premium Shea butter when used daily help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A study carried out by Dr. Frank Renard confirmed that Shea butter had significant anti-aging properties that rebuild and rejuvenate collagen. Get smoother, firmer skin the natural way!


Where can you buy products with Shea butter?

Here at Leebrick, we’re all about delightful bath and body products handcrafted in small batches, made fresh daily, and created with love. Some of our bestselling products that contain Shea butter include our Fresh Daisy Lotion which is a family-favorite! It smells divine, think tangy lemon and jasmine. Hmmm. Our Leebrick Lip Balm range is also available in delicious flavors – Lavender, Cotton Candy, and Cupcake Frosting. Browse our online range to find more amazing products.

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